Paola Pisano: innovating by operating with goals

Paola Pisano: innovating by operating with goals

Paola Pisano, current Ministo for Innovation and Digital, recently addressed its first meeting with the Digital Transformation Team headed by Luca Attias. The settlement at the helm of the dicastery only happened a few days ago, so it was difficult to expect detailed planning points, but we have some clues to what Pisano's strategies will be.

The idea is basically to adopt a working method based on objectives through which to monitor the results obtained. The conditions to innovate the country system would not be lacking, as well as opportunities to simplify the life and work of citizens and businesses, so nothing would prevent us from launching a new reforming season.

From this point of view the Minister would seem to confirm what the Prime Minister claimed during his recent meeting in Brussels with the EU Commission president Ursula Von der Leyen, a meeting during which Giuseppe Conte stressed the importance of Digital and the Green Economy for the revival of Italy and the European project.

In this regard, the premier wanted to talk about huge investments that will have to be made under the umbrella of a pact with Europe. A Germany in a phase of economic slowdown, therefore at least theoretically more inclined to bet on innovation, could prove to be a fundamental ally in the course of the desired digital transformation process.

In the Pisano program there would be initiatives to improve the redistribution models that influence the trend of thee-commerce, measures for the data portability, interventions in favor of Digital workers, greater tax equity for companies and the link between the Innovation Fund and the Industry Plan 4.0.

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