Patuanelli: Industry 4.0 bonus for the next three years

Patuanelli: Industry 4.0 bonus for the next three years

Recently interviewed by the Sole 24 Ore, the Minister for the Economic Development Stefano Patuanelli would have confirmed that the bonuses for the plan Industry 4.0 will be delivered over the next 3 years with the aim of giving continuity to a project whose aim is to help companies in the digital transformation process.

According to the statements of Patuanelli, in budget law will be confirmed all the tools that have driven the real economy of the country and met the favor of economic activities, for this reason interventions in support of entrepreneurs will be made structural or will in any case be provided at least for the next 3 years.

It is however probable that the measures associated with the Industry 4.0 plan will undergo a remodulation already in the short term, in this regard it is sufficient to think of the corrective measures that will necessarily have to be applied following the launch of the Green New Deal, an international project with which governments will try to respond to problems related to climate change.

The difficulties deriving from an uncertain political landscape, and in many ways unstable, could, however, discourage companies from requesting subsidies. The incentives are constantly renewed at the time of each new Budget Law, as are the payment methods, and this does not lead to a climate of trust with companies.

Over the next few days, the Transition Table 4.0 that the holder of the MiSE hopes to be able to renew on a monthly basis, to which all the subjects interested in the industrial sector participate, including representatives of the company, representatives of politics, trade associations, trade unions and protagonists of the green economy.

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