Play Store confirms Play Pass for subscriptions

Play Store confirms Play Pass for subscriptions

Those responsible for Play Store, market place for applications, games and contents of Google, have recently confirmed through a tweet that the service Play Pass will soon see the light. This is basically a subscription formula that will allow you to download the titles in the catalog without having to pay them individually.

Among the advantages available to subscribers there should not only be access to premium applications, which will not necessarily be all those present in the platform, there will in fact also be the possibility of exploiting the resources normally usable through in-app purchases and should not be displayed no advertisement.

It’s almost time ?? Google Play Pass is coming soon.

– Google Play (@GooglePlay) 9 September 2019

As for the subscription price, this should be equal to $ 4.99 a month in the USA and an offer of 4.99 euros per month is expected for the European market For those who want to save money there will probably be a formula dedicated to families, a free trial period should also be provided to test the quality of the service.

To date, for reasons that can be easily understood, most of the applications and games that are very popular on the Play Store are free, but Play Pass could be an alternative for those who are not used to using premium solutions. This initiative could facilitate the work of the developers thanks to a new way of monetization.

Me too'App Store, competitor of the Play Store owned by the House of Cupertino, would plan to launch a subscription formula whose monthly price should be the same as Play Pass. In this case, however, it will be the subscription to a platform dedicated to videogames that will take the name of Apple Arcade.

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