Quarterly growth for Facebook

Quarterly growth for Facebook

The last quarterly cash report of the Menlo Park company recorded higher revenue growth than the forecasts of the analysts, thanks to a turnover of 16.9 billion dollars against the estimated 16.45 billion. same time Facebook it can welcome a further increase in its users which, however, would not be uniformly occurring in the various reference markets.

The numbers of the United States and the Old Continent would be substantially stagnant because the users of the platform would not be significantly increasing, but the issue regarding the Asia-Pacific area where the social network would still seem to be immune to the saturation phenomena now evident is different. in the West.

To date, Facebook would count for well over 2 billion subscribers, while active users on a daily basis would not exceed 1.59 billion with an increase of 8 percentage points compared to the same period last year. Even better the monthly statistics with 2.41 billion presences, the "end of Facebook" repeatedly evoked during the last few years would therefore be still very far away.

But there would be only good news for Mark Zuckerberg and partners who have recently been given a $ 5 billion fine by the FTC (Federal Trade Commission), to which is added that the authority would be conducting further investigations that could result in further setbacks for even the capacious Facebook accounts.

Menlo Park would not be the only company subject to checks by the US Antitrust, even other high tech giants like Google (and in particular the Alphabet financial conglomerate to which it belongs), Amazon is Apple they would be under investigation with the aim of identifying any activities that could limit free competition.

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