Richard Stallman leaves MIT

Richard Stallman leaves MIT

Richard Stallman, universally recognized as the free software guru, has resigned from all positions held at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory) and FSF (Free Software Foundation) which he himself had created almost 35 years ago.

To determine this decision would be the controversy that arose following some statements by the same computer scientist regarding the case of entrepreneur Jeffrey Epstein. Accused of sexual abuse, the latter had been found dead in his cell on August 10th last, commenting on what had happened Stallman would have feared the doubt that some of his victims were consenting.

But why would Stallman have to intervene in such a case? According to journalistic reports among the users of Epstein's prostitution network, there was also Marvin Minsky, known to be one of the US fathers of Artificial Intelligence, mathematician and scientist whose founder the FSF decided to defend.

For his part, Stallman allegedly claimed to have been the victim of misinterpretation and misunderstanding, he would then have emphasized that his resignation should not be interpreted as a wholly spontaneous act but as a result of the pressure exerted for his exit from the top of the prestigious university US.

The current managers of the FSF would not have commented on what had happened, in a recent statement of theirs stating that Stallman's resignation (starting from 16 September 2019) the Foundation would have limited itself to making known that the search for a new president would have already started.

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