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Samsung leaves China

The recent choice of the vertices of Samsung represents a further indication of how a market that is so far globalized as that of technology is polarizing, giving rise to a scenario characterized by decoupling between Beijing and the rest of the world. This is a phenomenon that is likely to intensify due to the ongoing trade war between the US and the Asian giant.

The South Korean company has indeed decided to abandon the China, an initiative that according to analysts would be mainly due to the incapacity to remain competitive and oppose local companies. Add to this the first economic slowdown in the history of the eastern superpower and a general increase in the cost of labor.

The first signs that could testify to a difficult situation were recorded in June, when Samsung decided to suspend production in one of its Chinese factories. Then followed the August episode, when the Huizhou factory underwent a substantial production cut, and the recent closure of the last plant on site.

Samsung is not the first major multinational to leave China, among other high tech companies that have opted for abandonment there is for example the Japanese giant Sony that, having closed its Beijing factory, would have opted for a new relocation and to continue operating in Southeast Asia, in Thailand.

At the market level, Samsung would have had in particular the problem of not succeeding in establishing itself either in the range of economic devices, a sector which in China is substantially dominated by local operators, or in that of top level devices where competition has weighed from the beginning of names known as those of Huawei is Apple.

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