Silicon Valley: TikTok pays 20% more

Silicon Valley: TikTok pays 20% more

Despite being well known by the very young, the social network TikTok is currently still off the radar of companies traditionally concentrated on established platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. As for the developers, the speech would seem different, with more than one Silicon Valley professional who would have already quit his job to migrate to the Chinese project.

In fact, TikTok belongs to the ByteDance (in full Beijing ByteDance Technology Co Ltd.), which is based in Beijing, and its real name is "Douyin". The ByteDance has recently decided to open its own office in California and its arrival would have determined almost immediately the passage of 25 Mark Zuckerberg employees to the eastern competition.

We are talking about a service born recently, launched in 2017, TikTok has quickly achieved a great success and now its managers find themselves having to reinforce their organization almost in an emergency. To solve this problem, a recruitment campaign would be launched to deprive Menlo Park, Google, Snapchat and other Big Companies of some of their talents.

But what strategy would have been chosen to attract potential candidates? Probably the most classic, bet on higher pay: a TikTok employee with proven engineering skills would earn about 20% more than the Silicon Valley average for the same job position.

The US office of the ByteDance, for which the site of Culver City was chosen a short distance from Los Angeles, should occupy about a thousand workers by the beginning of next year. For its part, Facebook would be developing a new application, called Clips, with which to face the Asian platform by offering similar features.

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