Social advertising surpasses print advertising

Social advertising surpasses print advertising

According to theAdvertising Expenditure Forecasts of Zenith advertising spending worldwide is growing at 4.4% annually and this trend should remain unchanged at least until 2021. The most comforting news would come from the social advertising whose turnover would now have exceeded that of print advertising.

According to the numbers, companies' investments for promotions on social networks would have grown by 20% on an annual basis to reach $ 84 billion, while spending on advertising in newspapers and other magazines would have decreased by 6 points percentages and would have stopped at 69 billion dollars.

The relative weight of social advertising on the entire advertising market would today be 13%, so let's talk about the third media for the ability to attract investments after television (with 29%) and search advertising (with 17%). This trend would also be encouraged by the continued growth in terms of users of the platforms involved (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok ..).

Good news also for search engines (especially Google) whose advertising would have generated for the first time a total turnover of over 100 billion dollars. We are talking about 107 billion to be precise, which should grow to 123 billion by 2021 thanks to an increase of 8% on an annual basis.

However, the "+" sign may not affect all markets, if on the one hand further growth is expected in the United States, on the other it is possible that Europe will witness a contraction motivated in particular by the performance of the economies of Germany and the United Kingdom. For this reason the percentage decline of the Old Continent could settle between 4.7 and 6.1 points.

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