Symantec says no to the merger with Broadcom

Symantec says no to the merger with Broadcom

The negotiations that should have led to the merger between the security house Symantec and the software infrastructure giant Broadcom would have suffered a sudden setback, the stop would come from the leadership of the group famous for products like Norton Antivirus, convinced that an evaluation equal to $ 28 per share and the minimum quota to reach an agreement.

In this regard it is worth remembering that the initial offer of Broadcom had been equal to 28.25 dollars per share, therefore slightly above the starting price defined by Symantec, but later the aspiring new owner would have reformulated the proposal with various attempts to force the hand in favor of a substantial fall.

Last June, when the first news concerning the possible merger began to circulate, several investors had decided to bet on the transaction, resulting in a significant increase in value for Symantec's capitalization. This had led to the listing of the latter reaching nearly a billion and a half dollars.

The indiscretions following the blocking of the negotiations would have instead generated the opposite effect, so much so that Symantec's stocks would have been involved in a real collapse (over 12 percentage points) up to touch $ 22.30 per share. At this point, Broadcom could return to the attack and attempt to bring the deal home with significant savings.

As confirmed by various analysts, Broadcom is currently intending to acquire a software house to diversify its business beyond the production of semiconductors. Add to this the strong connection with the Chinese in the last few days Huawei would have led to a significant decline in sales forecasts.

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