Taboola and Outbrain together against the big advertising companies

Taboola and Outbrain together against the big advertising companies

Currently the online advertising market is dominated by Google is Facebook, two companies that alone occupy a significant part of the global market share. It follows that the less structured sector operators, with less investment capacity, struggle to find their own space. From this point of view, mergers and alliances can represent a solution for growth.

Two realities would have understood that Taboola, a New York company specialized in advertising through the recommendation of products, e Outbrain, an advertising platform whose business focuses in particular on the proposal of boxes containing links to Internet pages. Both companies would now be part of the same group.

A merger that should be referred to by users of no less than 2 billion units. If we consider that the Menlo Park basin should have just over 2.4 billion subscribers, we could find ourselves in front of an organization able to face the second world player in the digital advertisig sector due to market shares.

The comparison with Mountain View remains unequal, thanks to its search engine, the most used mobile operating system on the planet and a network of universally used online services, the company headed by Sundar Pichai is able to reach about 90% of the 5 billion users who have access to the Internet today.

At the head of the new agglomeration will be Adam Singolda, CEO of Taboola known for his critical statements against the excessive power of direct competitors. The signed commercial agreement provides that the shareholders of Oubrain will receive a remuneration of $ 250 million (in cash) and 30% of the shares of the newly formed company.

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