Tesla acquires DeepScale for computer vision

Tesla acquires DeepScale for computer vision

Tesla Motors, High Tech car manufacturer founded by visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk, has acquired the US startup DeepScale with goals that probably go beyond the development of solutions for the self-driving car. The new subsidiary, owned by a figure not yet disclosed, is in fact a company specializing in technology for the computer vision.

Computer vision, or artificial vision, is basically a process by which it is possible to create a three-dimensional model of reality starting from two-dimensional images and their interpretation. The goal is in practice to imitate the functioning of the human sight, restoring a representation that is as faithful as possible.

A process of this type requires the interaction of different hardware and software components that are able to process information collected both in the visible light spectrum and through ultraviolet, infrared and x-rays. Creating such an infrastructure from scratch would be extremely challenging and expensive, so Tesla decided to shorten the time by a financial operation.

The group led by Musk could use DeepScale's know-how to extend its business beyond private transport, think for example of a car that can be used as a public vehicle when its owner does not need to travel with his own vehicle. All without a driver, using the autopilot.

On a broader level, Tesla may be able to achieve an even more ambitious result today: to make computer vision technologies compatible with systems equipped with limited hardware resources like on-board car computers. If this goal were to be cut for the market, opportunities would be created that could be exploited even in sectors other than that of autonomous driving.

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