The first Italian Blockchain District is born in Milan

The first Italian Blockchain District is born in Milan

A partnership between Le Village by Crédit Agricole Milan is ICONIUM Blockchain Ventures gave birth to the first Blockchain District of our country. Located in Corso di Porta Romana 61 in the Lombard capital, it was created as a reference point for startups whose core business is based on DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology).

The district consultants and the companies involved will operate in seven thematic areas that are defined as "7F" by the project promoters: "Food", "Fashion", "Supplies", "FinTech / InsurTech", "Future Mobility", "Pharmaceutical" and "France". The latter is clearly a reminder of the role of Crédit Agricole which is a transalpine reality.

The objective is to exploit the advantages deriving from the circular economy, not by chance the motto of the initiative is "Collaborate to innovate". To do this, training programs will be activated, meetings with representatives of large companies interested in distributed technologies and mentoring by experts regarding the world of Blockchain.

ICONIUM, the first Italian startup dedicated to investing in the best projects related to DLT, will directly deal with the internationalization of projects. All the necessary information will also be provided to launch fundraising companions with which to attract the attention of investors and find funding for their initiatives.

The Milanese Blockchain District was born a short time after its assignment to Italy of the Presidency of the EU Blockchain Partnership. The Peninsula will share this 12-month term with Sweden and the Czech Republic, a period during which the first European Blockchain platform will be attempted.

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