The Pentagon chooses Microsoft (and not Amazon)

The Pentagon chooses Microsoft (and not Amazon)

The Redmond House would have been able to secure a US $ 10 billion order from the US Department of Defense. Let's talk about the specifics of the project JEDI (Joint Enterprise Defense Infrastructure Cloud) for the provision of services dedicated to storage and data processing via the Cloud infrastructure.

The news is particularly interesting because thanks to the choice of the Pentagon Microsoft would be able to beat such important competitors Oracle, IBM is Amazon. In this regard it is useful to point out that the group led by Jeff Bezos is also the largest provider of Cloud services in the USA thanks to the platform AWS (Amazon Web Services).

Although it will be very difficult to find confirmation in this regard, it is possible that the exclusion of Amazon has been motivated more by political than by technical reasons. While acknowledging the qualities of Redmond and Microsoft Azure in the Cloud Computing sector it is in fact known that the relations between the aforementioned Bezos and the White House are not particularly cordial.

The CEO of Amazon is also the owner of Washington Post, a newspaper certainly not in favor of the Trump administration and this opposition could have played a role in the assignment of the order. The background of the story would emerge in a book written by James Mattis, former Secretary of Defense, which should be published shortly.

If everything goes as planned, the order should continue for the next decade, however some resistances from Microsoft employees are predictable, several times shown to be contrary to the fact that the business of their company extends to the military supplies. To confirm this it would be enough to recall the controversies that arose following the possibility that the group could sell thousands of HoloLens viewers to the arms industry.

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