There is still Android in Huawei's future

There is still Android in Huawei's future

After the ban on providing software and hardware of American production to some foreign companies, many have wondered what the future of the would have been Huawei, ended in pole position on the US blacklist. In fact, the Chinese company was suddenly unable to use applications and services from Google in their (future) devices equipped with Android.

In these circumstances it was expected that the Shenzhen group would opt for the commercial launch of an operating system of its own creation, HongMeng OS, but there would be technical limitations that prevent it from being used on a large scale in the mobile sector. The platform has been designed in fact for different ecosystems, such as those of the automotive and Smart TVs.

It is therefore almost certain that the company created by Ren Zhengfei will not abandon the Green Robot. In order for this to happen, however, a minimum step backwards from the US authorities will be required, in fact, do not ask that the 3-month interregnum period is currently underway during which Mountain View is (at least theoretically) authorized not to interrupt the supplies in favor of Huawei .

To date a real tug-of-war between Washington and the East would be underway, with Huawei that would have seen sales fall by 40% in some of its most important foreign markets and the United States would have seen the project downsized Futurewei (research and development) with a sudden wave of layoffs.

Huawei expects American institutions to come down with milder advice by giving Big G the chance to sell Android and its network to a greater number of customers, on their side the Asian group has the availability of extremely advanced 5G technologies of which the USA they cannot do without wanting to arrive on time with the new standard.

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