Thiel (PayPal): investigate on Google

Thiel (PayPal): investigate on Google

Peter Thiel, one of the founders of PayPal and a first-time Facebook investor, recently said that the CIA and the FBI should investigate Google and its relations at least apparently too profound with the Beijing regime. The businessman's accusations would then seem to go beyond mere commercial aspects.

To support his position, Thiel would have referred to the Mountain View collaborations with the Chinese army, his suspicion is that during the period in which the latter were carried out the company was infiltrated by spies in the pay of the Asian country. The result would be a national security problem that US institutions should clarify.

Thiel would not have acted on his own initiative, the statements made would follow some of the President's interventions Donald Trump. Indeed, the White House tenant would firmly believe that Big G has shown itself willing to help China's armed forces and less enthusiastic about making the same contribution to the United States.

Add to this the controversy raised by the project Dragonfly, an initiative that would have led some 200 Google developers to implement an application that can identify users and block searches based on specific keywords. According to some analysts Dragonfly would represent a sort of pledge paid by Sundar Pichai and partners for entry into the Chinese market.

Thiel would later recall that Google is currently engaged in the development of Artificial Intelligence called DeepMind, in his opinion the latter should be classified as a military weapon despite the refusal by the parent company (following internal controversy) to make it available for possible collaborations with the American army.

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