Tim Cook in Italy to talk about publishing

Tim Cook in Italy to talk about publishing

Tim Cook, CEO of the House of Cupertino, landed in Italy to intervene at thePermanent Observatory for Youth-Publishers on the occasion of the last edition of the project entitled "The newspaper in the class". During the Florentine appointment the manager wanted to expose his convictions about various current issues, from the development of online publishing to the protection of privacy.

With regard to publishing, Cook reiterated that one of the most effective strategies to promote quality journalism is to combat the spread of fake news. Apple News, the platform of the Bitten Apple that aggregates newspapers and magazines online, would represent an example of how publishers can exploit a profitable business without devoting themselves to sensationalism and clickbait.

For some time some of the opinions expressed by Cook have been interpreted as criticisms more or less veiled to Mark Zuckerberg and the giant Menlo Park, a suspicion reinvigorated also by the words spent during the Italian event during which the greatest manager of Cupertino wanted underline its concerns regarding the treatment that different companies make of users' personal data.

In his opinion smartphone owners should not feel constantly monitored in every aspect of private and working life, from this point of view Apple would be one of the few multinationals High Tech that does not use its own devices to control user habits, collect information on them, market them or use them for marketing purposes.

Also interesting is his predictably critical position towards the project Libra, crryptovaluta that Facebook (coincidentally) would like to launch within the next year. For Cook, it would be a social network's attempt to extend its power, but only states should be able to determine and influence monetary policies.

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