Trend Micro acquires Cloud Conformity

Trend Micro acquires Cloud Conformity

The security house Trend Micro has acquired control of Cloud Conformity, a company specialized in the sector of CSPM (Cloud Security Posture Management), with an offer of 70 million dollars. Thanks to the contribution of the latter, the new property will have the possibility of providing services dedicated to the correction of vulnerabilities that may be present in customers' Cloud configurations.

The CSPM regards a particularly delicate aspect of the management of production processes, it allows in fact to remove the criticalities detected in a Cloud infrastructure without this intervention compromising the business model chosen by a company, translating itself into incompatibility with the regulations for the privacy protection or impacts heavily on operating costs.

In the opinion of Eva Chen, the top manager of Trend Micro, the shift of economic activities towards the Cloud would be taking place extremely quickly, a positive phenomenon which however would not rarely be characterized by an approach little inclined to consider the possible risks deriving from a choice of this type.

In this regard it would be enough to cite a recent survey carried out by the researchers of Gartner, according to which in 2023 99% of infrastructure security issues will be caused by customer errors, such incidents may be limited (up to 80% within the following year) by adopting countermeasures based on CSPM.

Cloud Conformity solutions can be used in all the most used cloud environments at the enterprise level, including AWS (Amazon Web Services) Microsoft Azure is Google Cloud. These are services that will attract increasingly large investments for different applications (storage, communications, data processing ..) requiring a gradually higher level of security.

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