Tria: for the Web Tax we are waiting for the European Union

Tria: for the Web Tax we are waiting for the European Union

France has recently been given a new legal measure that actually introduces the Web Tax in the transalpine country. Thanks to this initiative, the big companies that operate online, exceed the 750 million euro turnover worldwide and produce at least 25 in France, they will have to pay a rate equal to 3% calculated on the net taxable amount.

What is the Italian position towards the Web Tax instead? Initially the Peninsula seemed to want to take on the role of pioneer among the member states of the European Union, so much so as to create a first draft of the law which, however, has never passed the discussion phase. Now, on the other hand, our government's strategy would seem to be more active.

The recent statements by Giovanni Tria, Minister of Economy and Finance in the Conte Government, according to which Italy would be waiting for decisions on the matter at European level, with the hope that soon we could act on the basis of common positions. This being the case, any initiatives in this regard should not arrive before 2020.

Such statements would have been polemically received by the opposition and in particular by the Deputy PD Francesco Boccia, one of the most favorable voices of our Parliament's Web Tax, according to which the Government is proving to be subordinate to the multinationals of the Web and therefore incapable of imposing an ixality on them more fair for the state coffers.

In this regard Boccia would have remembered that Italy had been able to anticipate the times with a first attempt to introduce the Web Tax dating back to 2013. Now, however, the Belpaese would have been superseded by France, which, tired of the constant postponements in the European community, would have decided to act alone giving up EU support.

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