Twitter: collapse on Wall Street after the quarterly

Twitter: collapse on Wall Street after the quarterly

The results recorded in the last quarterly of Twitter they would not have impressed investors, so disappointed as to cause a drop in the stock which would have registered a -19% at its peak. In essence this means that within a few hours the group created by Jack Dorsey would have lost about a fifth of its capitalization.

The news would arrive in some unexpected ways according to the numerous efforts made by the company in recent months to make the platform more populated and monetizable. From the user's point of view, the situation would seem to have improved, on the other hand, turnover and profits would have been lower than the expectations of analysts.

The managers of the Twittering site would have motivated the numbers of the past quarter just referring in particular to two factors: the interventions carried out for the limitation of abuses and the elimination of fake accounts, as well as the investments faced to improve the business model of company and ensure greater profitability in the future.

However, the battle against fake news and hate speech would not have been conducted effectively considering how much it affected the returns from theadvertising, to this should be added the setting up of a more rigorous system of personal data management which would have translated into an obstacle for the advertising of advertisements.

Twitter would therefore not be going through the best time of its financial history, however rarely characterized by moments of high growth but the worst news for the company concerns the fact that in a very short period of time all the goals achieved in the current year would seem to have evaporated . To date, the group's price would have returned to 2018 levels.

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