Twitter: safety information used for advertising

Twitter: safety information used for advertising

The social network Twitter has recently announced that some of its users' information may have been used for advertising purposes. So far there would be nothing strange if it were not for the fact that those same data (e-mail addresses and telephone numbers) were intended for a very different purpose, to guarantee the security of the accounts.

The systems would have been involved in the problem in particular tailored audience is partner audience employed in the advertising network of the Twitter Site, the latter would have inadvertently acquired the information mentioned even if sold by users for features such as two-factor authentication.

However, the managers of the group specified that despite the incident (on which the conditional was used anyway) no data would be transferred to third-party companies. It would therefore have been a Twitter internal malfunction that the company technicians would have already taken care of.

Users interested in acquiring more details about the event can contact the company office for the protection of personal data or communicate with it through a specific form, in any case it has already been specified that the necessary corrections were applied on September 17 and there should be no problem with subsequent registrations.

By apologizing to their users, the platform's spokesmen have stressed that they are either sorry for what happened and do everything possible to avoid committing an error of this type, currently no information or estimates would be available regarding the number of accounts that could to have been involved in the affair.

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