Visa, Mastercard and eBay are also leaving Libra

Visa, Mastercard and eBay are also leaving Libra

After the electronic payment giant PayPal, even the credit card circuits Visa is MasterCard and the online auction giant eBay would have decided to abandon the Libra Association, that is the organization formed by the companies willing to financially support the project of Facebook dedicated to the creation of a virtual currency.

In the case of Visa and Mastercard the news would not arrive completely unexpected, according to rumors circulated in recent weeks the two groups would have repeatedly expressed doubts about the invitations of Mark Zuckerberg and partners, eager for a more active role in the promotion of Libra by those involved "jointly".

In addition to the aforementioned eBay, they would then be out of the games by their own will also Stripe, online payment management platform created by Twitter founder Jack Dorsey, e Mercado Pago, an Argentine company specializing in financial solutions with which to turn your smartphone into an electronic wallet.

To motivate the expulsion practically all the companies that had recently leaked would have referred to the same reasons expressed a few days before by the PayPal spokesmen: Libra is certainly an interesting initiative to observe closely, but for the moment we prefer to concentrate on our current business .

Special thanks to @Visa and @Mastercard for sticking it out until the 11th hour. The pressure has been intense (understatement), and my decision to wait until there’s a regulatory clarity for @Libra_to proceed, vs. the invoked threats (by many) on their biz.

– David Marcus (@davidmarcus) 11 October 2019

As usual diplomats the reaction of David Marcus to whom Menlo Park has entrusted the responsibility of the cryptocurrency and Blockchain division, according to his statements none of the companies today out of the Libra Association he would have definitively abandoned the boat, reason for which future collaborations would not be excluded.

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