VMware acquires Carbon Black for 2.1 billion dollars

VMware acquires Carbon Black for 2.1 billion dollars

There VMware, creator of one of the most important software virtualization enterprise solutions, would have completed the negotiation that will lead it to acquire Carbon Black, security house that provides applications and services in the Cloud for the protection of technical infrastructures. The cost of the operation should be 2.1 billion dollars (26 dollars per share) to be paid in cash.

Thanks to the new subsidiary VMware should expand its offer for companies including advanced tools and Native Clouds for the security of business processes. Carbon Black is specialized in particular in the Endpoint security, that is, in the control of potential attack paths present in remote connections between clients and networks.

Carbon Black also has a data lake (ie an archive of information stored in the raw state) that is exploited for the training of algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence, in this way the prevention activities become more and more precise and effective thanks to the possibility of learning from past experience.

The Carbon Black approach to security is particularly interesting because it is based on the analysis of behaviors implemented by malicious users during violation attempts, thus patterns (or behavioral patterns) are generated to be applied based on the type of attack that the system is to counter.

By joining the VMware family, of which it was already a supplier, the group will have more data to process and more opportunities to improve its algorithms. Carbon Black is headquartered in the USA, more precisely in the state of Massachusetts, and was founded in 2002, today has more than a thousand employees and customers of the IBM caliber.

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