Top 7 Best VPS Hosting Providers in Italy 2019

The virtual private servers, also known as VPS, is the best option between a shared hosting and a dedicated server, even now in many cases you can find a good and cheap VPS at the same price of a regular shared hosting.

vps hosting provider in italy

In this article we will talk about the top 7 VPS hosting providers in Italy:

  • Aruba – offers 4 different sizes of VPS in a cloud environment, based on VMware technology.
  • Tophost – offers 4 different configurations for those looking for a Linux VPS with low costs and guaranteed resources.
  • Seeweb – offers cloud servers on redundant multi-core N + 1 machines, with high-availability SAN storage and guaranteed 1 Gbps bandwidth.
  • CoreTech – does not offer simple VPS, but real cloud servers that promise safety, reliability and top performance.
  • Pegaso Hosting – offers fully customizable VPSs within a highly reliable cloud infrastructure.
  • Ikoula – offers fully customizable VPS that can be purchased without necessarily having to sign long-term contractual obligations;
  • Keliweb – offers VPS cloud with the possibility of upgrades and downgrades.

1. Aruba


If you are looking for a new VPS, you cannot miss the Aruba offers. Leader in Italy for the provision of domain registration and hosting services, Aruba – through – proposes 4 different “sizes” of VPS in order to “offer” the different needs of the virtual server market, with costs starting from 2.79 euros per month.

Although decidedly competitive, it should be pointed out, the price cannot and should not be considered the defining element of Aruba’s offer: in fact, the technical characteristics of a service that can boast solidity and reliability are particularly interesting of a completely cloud infrastructure distributed between 6 data centers located in different countries (Italy, Germany, France, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, China) and a guaranteed uptime of 99.8%.

The virtual server of Aruba, in fact, are in reality Cloud Server Smart, ie the cloud server characterized by predefined configurations (the 4 “sizes” referred to above) with increasing characteristics in terms of computational capacity, disk space and traffic limits. Furthermore, all the VPSs offered by Aruba are based on the leading VMware technology and take advantage of all the power and speed of the SSD disks, which are not at all obvious features in the Italian VPS scene.

From a personalization point of view, Aruba’s offer offers 44 pre-configured templates and operating systems from which you can choose, taking advantage of the simplicity of an extremely fast and user-friendly management panel. Among the available templates there are various versions of the main Linux distributions (CentOS, Debian openSuse, Ubuntu Server, Ubuntu Virtual Desktop) and Windows Server (2008 and 2012), all already optimized for the most frequent uses (database, mail server, web server, etc.).

The “sizes” available, as mentioned, are four:

  • Small: is the entry level offer designed for those looking for a VPS with extremely low costs. It offers 1 virtual CPU (Intel Xeon E5 v3), 1 GB of RAM, 20 GB of disk space and 2 TB / month of traffic included in the price.
  • Medium: it is the most sold offer as it lends itself to satisfy the most common needs. It offers 1 virtual CPU (Intel Xeon E5 v3), 2 GB of RAM, 40 GB of disk space and 5 TB / month of traffic included in the price.
  • Large: it is the ideal proposal for those who need a good calculation capacity and / or space to store data. It offers 2 virtual CPUs (Intel Xeon E5 v3), 4 GB of RAM, 80 GB of disk space and 12 TB / month of traffic included in the price.
  • Extra Large: is the size of VPS that guarantees the best performance and a lot of space on the disc making it, therefore, suitable for more complex or intensive uses. It offers 4 virtual CPUs (Intel Xeon E5 v3), 8 GB of RAM, 160 GB of disk space and 25 TB / month of traffic included in the price.

Below is a summary of the main features of the Aruba virtual server offer :

  • Possibility to choose between 4 different server sizes with increasing characteristics;
  • High quality / price ratio: it is possible to have a small VPS for 2.79 euros per month;
  • Distributed infrastructure within 6 data centers;
  • Possibility to choose the data center where you want to activate the VPS;
  • GDPR Ready infrastructure, therefore absolutely compliant with the new European legislation on personal data protection;
  • Guaranteed uptime of 99.8%;
  • Intel processors of the Xeon E5 family (optimized for virtualization);
  • VMware hypervisor;
  • SSD disks;
  • 44 templates to choose the most suitable configuration for your purposes;
  • Assistance 24h (also by telephone) included in the price.

In conclusion: if you are looking for a virtual server, on Aruba you will certainly find the one that’s right for you. Prices, as always, are competitive, but a note of merit, this time, lies with the quality of the service and the robustness of the entirely cloud infrastructure.

For more information:

Aruba SpA 
Tel .: 0575.05077 (pre-sales information) 
Offer details:

2. Tophost


Tophost offers 4 different configurations of VPS designed, to use the words of the company, for those looking for an “affordable and reliable server”. The prices of the Topserver offer, as in the best tradition of this hosting provider, are highly competitive, especially if compared to the technical features shown on the service presentation page.

Before describing the service it is important to underline that the proposal of Tophost provides for the activation of virtual servers within a completely cloud infrastructure, governed by the XEN hypervisor (the same used by Amazon AWS, for instance): not yes it deals, therefore, with the classic VPS obtained from the virtualization of a single physical server (and, as such, inevitably linked to its dynamics and possible problems), but of virtual environments managed within server clusters in which the eventual problems of a machine do not affect the good health of the services, which therefore continue to function even in the event of a hardware failure.

It should also be noted that Tophost guarantees 100% availability of the resources of each virtual machine, as no overselling policy is implemented on VPS services.

We see below the features of the Tophost Topserver packages :

  • Topserver 1/2
    It is the entry level package for those looking for a small VPS at extremely low costs, excellent for those who want to launch new projects or for websites that are not too complex or busy. It includes 2 cores, 512 Mb of RAM and 20 GB of web space at a cost of 5.99 Euro / Month + VAT
  • Topserver 1
    It is the most sold package, probably because it combines good technical features at a very competitive price. It includes 2 cores, 1 GB of RAM and 20 GB of web space at a cost of 9.99 Euro / Month + VAT
  • Topserver 2
    It is a rather high-performance VPS (thanks to the generous amount of RAM) and is an excellent choice for dynamic sites such as CMS and / or e-commerce platforms. It includes 2 cores, 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of web space at a cost of 15.97 Euro / Month + VAT
  • Topserver 4
    It is the ideal proposal for those who need to manage complex or rather busy websites, as it offers a high computing capacity and the good performances of a rich RAM. It includes 4 cores, 4 GB of RAM and 20 GB of web space at a cost of 31.95 Euro / Month + VAT

Let’s see, in detail, the features of Tophost’s VPS offer:

  • Completely cloud-based VPS, governed by XEN technology (one of the best known and most powerful hypervisors available on the market);
  • 100% guaranteed resources (no overselling);
  • Possibility to choose between 4 configurations designed to meet the most disparate needs, but always with a view to maximum convenience;
  • Possibility to choose between different open-source operating systems (Centos, Debian, Ubuntu);
  • System of tariff per minute (it is possible to delete the server at any time, without duration restrictions);
  • Possibility to create images of the VPS (both in order to replicate it in the Tophost network and, more simply, to keep a backup).

The Tophost offer, it should be pointed out, does not include the managed service: all Topservers, in fact, are unmanaged, that is, the system management is the customer’s burden and, therefore, their purchase is recommended to those who have the necessary systemic skills for being able to manage your own server independently.

For more information:

Tophost Srl 
Offer details:

3. Seeweb


Seeweb has passed the “classic VPS” to offer its customers real Cloud Servers, that is, dedicated virtual servers managed entirely within a state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure and, as such, characterized by extreme stability ( the operation of the VPS is no longer linked to the single physical server) and a total scalability of the resources.

The Seeweb Cloud Servers are managed through N + 1 redundant multicore multi-processor machines, with high-availability SAN storage and guaranteed 1 Gbps bandwidth. Each Cloud Server can be configured freely based on specific needs: it is possible to choose the datacenter (between Milan and Frosinone), the operating system (between numerous Linux and Windows distributions), configure the number of processors, RAM and disk space, request the installation of the Plesk control panel and much more.

Here are the main features of the Seeweb Cloud Server:

  • Completely cloud architecture;
  • High performance SAN-based storage;
  • Complete control of each instance via web (power on, power off, monitor);
  • Possibility to choose the datacenter closest to your needs;
  • Possibility to choose between different Linux OS (Red Hat, CentOS, Ubuntu) and Windows;
  • Possibility to customize the server features according to your needs (number of CPUs, RAM and disk space);
  • 1Gbps of guaranteed bandwidth and 1,000 Gb of data traffic / month included in the price;
  • (On request) Adaptive firewall with integrated spam filter;
  • (On request) backup service based on IBM Tivoli Storage Manager technology ;
  • (On request) Plesk control panel with license for 10, 30 or unlimited domains;
  • (On request) Microsoft SQL Server Web Edition or Standard Edition;

When purchasing a new Cloud Server, or even later, it is possible to choose between unmanaged service (autonomous server management) and managed service: in the latter case the server management is delegated to the Seeweb technicians, raising the customer from various concerns related to the daily management of systems and any related problems.

The managed service offered by Seeweb is available in two different packages:

  • Prestige Assurance
    It foresees the installation of patches or security updates of the operating system, constant monitoring of all the services indicated by the customer, basic system support and the possibility of requesting (for an hourly fee payment) a wide range of services such as software installation, updating the OS to the next version, etc.
  • Global Assurance
    Includes all the services already provided by the Prestige package and in addition offers: dedicated telephone support, software installation, Plesk update and advanced system assistance included in the service fee.

Obviously, for all services, even unmanaged ones, basic technical assistance is provided by 24x7x365 ticket for possible machine reachability problems as well as for the loading of any ISO produced by the system or supplied by the customer.

In conclusion: the Seeweb offer differs from that of many other competitors, as it does not offer simple VPS but real Cloud Servers. The high reliability of the cloud infrastructure as well as the possibility, in case of need, to immediately scale the resources of the virtual machine (CPU, RAM, Disk) are undoubtedly important elements to take into consideration when choosing the provider to contact .

For more information:

Seeweb Srl 
Tel .: 800.112825 
Offer details:

4. CoreTech


For those in search of a highly reliable virtual server, CoreTech Srl proposes Stellar: it is good to specify, immediately, that it is not a simple VPS but a real Cloud Server with guaranteed performance, designed to give answers certain to those developers and those systems engineers who are looking for a safe and performing solution on which to develop their projects.

The choice of CoreTech is to propose a “different” product that makes quality its strong point: Stellar Cloud Server uses latest-generation HP hardware, Intel Xeon processors, ultra-fast storage and the power of VMware technology to guarantee top performance.

The CoreTech offer is developed in three different plans with increasing characteristics and costs:

  • Stellar Class C Class C
    cloud servers are offered for general purpose applications where disk I / O speed is not a determining element. Among the features: Dedicated CPU with 1: 1.25 ratio (80% single core dedicated frequency), 100% dedicated Memory, Instance storage based on SAS disks in DAS (Direct Attached Storage) connection, 30MB / s guaranteed (over 100MB / s). Class C servers are scalable up to 6 cores, 12 GB of RAM and 10 TB of disk. The monthly fee starts at 50 Eu + VAT / month in the basic configuration which includes 1 CPU, 2 GB of Ram and 40 GB of disk space.
  • Stellar Classe S Class S
    cloud servers are recommended for applications where it is important to have high CPU performance and high disk I / O performance. Among the features: dedicated CPU with 1: 1 ratio (100% single core dedicated frequency), 100% dedicated Memory, Instance storage based on SAS disks in DAS (Direct Attached Storage) connection, 65MB / s guaranteed disk I / O performance (over 250MB / s). Class S servers are scalable up to 8 cores, 16 GB of RAM and 3 TB of disk. The monthly fee starts at 108 Eu + VAT / month in the basic configuration which includes 2 CPUs, 2 GB of RAM and 40 GB of disk space.
  • Stellar Classe X Class X
    cloud servers are offered for uses in which it is determined to have not only the maximum computational performance but also disk I / O performance equivalent to that of a physical server. Among the features: dedicated CPU with 1: 1 ratio (100% single core dedicated frequency), 100% dedicated Memory, Instance Storage based on local SAS disks, 100MB / s guaranteed disk I / O Performance (over 650MB / s). Class X servers are scalable up to 10 cores, 32 GB of RAM and 2 TB of disk. The monthly fee starts at 125 Eu + VAT / month in the basic configuration which includes 2 CPUs, 2 GB of RAM and 40 GB of disk space.

All plans include a range of services including:

  • Backup: each cloud server is supplied with the 1Backup service that allows you to perform backups and restore in full autonomy, in compressed form and – if necessary – also encrypted. Furthermore for each server is included the full backup of the VM and the autonomous management of snapshots.
  • Security: every Stellar cloud server is protected by a Front End firewall and a Back End Firewall, which can be excluded by directly associating the public IP to the server or to a firewall. Furthermore, a dedicated and isolated VLAN is created for each customer. It is also possible to decide to have a dedicated virtual firewall based on Kerio Control technology.
  • Monitoring: each cloud server has a monitoring service to manage critical alerts;
  • Console and Mobile App: all Stellar servers can be managed independently via the Sygma platform which is the flagship of the CoreTech solution. Also available is a mobile app for iOS and Android with which you can manage your servers even on the move.

Below is a summary of the main features of CoreTech’s Stellar offer:

  • Not simple VPS but powerful high reliability Cloud Servers;
  • Infrastructure based on “Small Cloud Cluster”: each cluster consists of 3 VMware Hosts hosted by the latest generation HP DL360 Server, with dual Intel Xeon E5 v3 processor, 192GB of RAM, dual network card and dual power supply;
  • High speed storage (Direct Attached Storage with double 6Gb connection) for best performance;
  • Possibility of linearly changing the characteristics (CPU, RAM and Storage) of the cloud servers at any time;
  • Backup, Firewall and Monitoring always included in the price;
  • Technical assistance for all phases of the service: preliminary analysis, cloud migration, server management and troubleshooting.

In conclusion: The CoreTech Stellar offer represents the ideal solution for those in search of safety and performances without compromises. Prices do not fall within the low-cost range, but the quality / price ratio is very advantageous if all aspects of the service and infrastructure through which it is supplied are considered.

For more information:

CoreTech Srl 

Tel .: 02.55230893 (commercial information) 
Offer details:

5. Pegaso Hosting


Of note, among the offers worthy of mention, the VPS proposed by Pegaso Hosting. Once again, these are not just virtual servers , but real high-reliability cloud servers, as they are hosted within a distributed infrastructure and characterized by full redundancy of all components.

The characterizing element of this VPS offer is precisely the full redundancy: the choice of Pegaso Hosting, in fact, was to apply this philosophy not only at the level of process clusters (CPU + RAM), but also at the storage level, of power supply and, even, of the network switches. In this way the infrastructure can actually be defined as “highly reliable” since any hardware failure can be contained and circumvented, guaranteeing the continuity of the service even in critical situations.

The features of the VPS can be customized freely, but on the company website – unfortunately – a configurator is not available with which to obtain a quote in real time (for which it is necessary to request a commercial contact via email). Instead, there are some examples of commonly used VPS configurations:

  • Web Server
    Provides: 2 CPUs, 2 GB of RAM and 20 GB of disk space at a cost of 89 Euro + VAT per month;
  • Server Mail
    Provides: 1 CPU, 1 GB of RAM and 50 Gb of disk space at the cost of 99 Euro + VAT per month;
  • Server App 4 CPU
    Provides: 4 CPUs, 8 GB of RAM and 50 GB of disk space at a cost of 234 Euros + VAT per month;
  • Server App 8 CPU
    Provides: 8 CPUs, 16 GB of RAM and 50 GB of disk space at the cost of 334 Euros + VAT per month;

As mentioned, to get a personalized quote for your VPS, you must contact the company that will offer its free advice to guide the customer in choosing the best configuration, based on his actual needs.

Let’s see below the main features of Pegaso Hosting VPS:

  • Highly reliable and fully scalable cloud infrastructure;
  • Latest-generation hardware (enterprise-class DELL server);
  • Ability to customize the VPS based on your needs;
  • Free advice when defining the characteristics of the VPS;
  • Possibility to increase or decrease the characteristics of the VPS at any time, without any constraint or operational block;
  • Direct connection to the MIX (Milan Internet eXchange);
  • 24x7x365 qualified technical assistance.

In conclusion: the Pegaso Hosting proposal is recommended for those looking for a highly reliable VPS for the management of high-traffic, e-commerce or management websites that need to be guaranteed a high level of service continuity.

For more information:

Pegaso Hosting 
Offer details:

6. Ikoula


The VPS offer of Ikoula, a French provider with twenty years of experience and operating for several years in Italy, is characterized by a wide variety of solutions for those looking for a virtual server on which to develop their projects within an environment latest generation cloud.

The features of the VPS of the FlexiCloud offer are easily customizable through an intuitive interface that allows you to customize the number of vCore (from 1 to 4), the amount of RAM (from 1 to 32 Gb), the disk space (from 50 at 200 Gb) and the duration of the contractual restriction.

In addition to the aforementioned features, in the purchase phase it is possible to customize the VPS by choosing the operating system that best suits your needs, the default language (including, of course, Italian), any applications (PHP, MySQL and Apache), the possible Plesk panel, the number of dedicated IPs needed (one is always included in the price) and also their geographical location as well as, finally, subscribe to any managed option by choosing from 4 different service levels.

In addition to the FlexiCloud VPS, Ikoula also offers a high availability VPS service with an SLA of 99.999%, SAN (Storage Area Network) and a Business Continuity service included in the price.

Among the services available to those who purchase a VPS from Ikoula, it is worth mentioning the possibility of making, in total simplicity and autonomy, snapshots of virtual disks through a special feature integrated in the Extranet panel.

We see below the main features of the Ikoula VPS :

  • Fully cloud infrastructure and proprietary data centers;
  • Possibility to customize the VPS to your liking, allocating only the resources needed for your project;
  • Ability to expand resources at any time;
  • Ability to customize your VPS by choosing the operating system and applications that best suit your needs;
  • Possibility to delegate the management of the VPS by subscribing to one of the available managed options ;
  • Extranet management panel thanks to which it is possible to perform DNS management operations, server audits and data backup in total simplicity;
  • No long-term restrictions (it is possible to buy a VPS even for only 1 month);
  • 365/7/24 technical assistance.

From the economic point of view the Ikoula offer is characterized by an excellent quality / price ratio with monthly costs starting from 12.99 Euro + VAT / Month (for a VPS with 1 vCore, 1 GB of RAM and 50 Gb of storage) and the peace of mind of not necessarily having to sign long-term obligations.

Finally, we point out the interesting Ikoula One service, a cloud with retail pricing, fully modular with which you can create VPS independently and based on the contingencies of the moment.

7. Keliweb


Also very interesting is the VPS offer proposed by Keliweb, an important provider of web services in the Italian panorama, which is characterized by a great variety of solutions aimed at satisfying the most disparate needs and spending capacities.

The offer of Keliweb stands out for its total flexibility: in fact, the customer is given not only the possibility to choose between 6 pre-configured solutions but also to create a VPS with features tailored to his needs.

The default offers of VPS are, at the time of writing, the following:

  • VPS Prime: offers 1 vCore, 512 Mb of Ram and 20 GB of disk space (with SSD technology) at 4.90 Eu / Month + VAT;
  • VPS Essential: offers 2 vCore, 1 GB of Ram and 50 GB of disk space (with SSD technology) at 9.90 Eu / Month + VAT;
  • VPS Biz: offers 3 vCore, 3 GB of Ram and 100 GB of disk space (with SSD technology) at 19.90 Eu / Month + VAT;
  • VPS Value: proposes 4 vCore, 4 GB of Ram and 150 GB of disk space (with SSD technology) at 29.90 Eu / Month + VAT;
  • VPS Enterprise: proposes 6 vCore, 8 GB of Ram and 200 GB of disk space (with SSD technology) at 49.90 Eu / Month + VAT;
  • VPS Full: proposes 8 vCore, 16 GB of Ram and 300 GB of disk space (with SSD technology) at 89.90 Eu / Month + VAT;

From a technical point of view, the VPSs proposed by Keliweb are based on the power and reliability of KVM ( Kernel-based Virtual Machine ) and can rely on a robust cloud infrastructure, housed in fully redundant proprietary datacenters, to guarantee the best levels of reliability and continuity of the service which is guaranteed for a 99.99% uptime !

A peculiar feature of Keliweb’s proposal consists in the possibility of not only upgrading the VPS but also, much more rare, downgrading : in this way it will be possible to adapt, from time to time, the characteristics of our VPS based on the actual needs of our website, without being forced to buy an oversized system for the sole purpose of being able to face single peak periods.

To signal the possibility of purchasing the managed option that provides for the periodic monitoring of the server by a Keliweb technician, relieving the customer of the burden of performing system update and maintenance activities.

We see below the main features of Keliweb’s offer:

  • Possibility to choose between 6 different VPS configurations, as well as to create an ad hoc one for your needs;
  • Fully cloud infrastructure distributed within different data centers located in Italy;
  • Immediate activation: the VPS will be created and activated in 2 minutes;
  • Unlimited data traffic;
  • Predefined security systems: port filtering, SynFlood protection and Anti-DDOS;
  • Possibility to perform both upgrades and downgrades of the VPS at any time;
  • Possibility to choose between various software configurations based on different operating systems including: Windows, CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, openSUSE, Gentoo, Red Hat Enterprise, etc.
  • Possibility to choose between numerous optional services including: managed option, firewall, backup (weekly / daily), etc.
  • 99.99% guaranteed uptime;
  • Assistance 24/7/365 through ticket.

In conclusion: the Keliweb offer is characterized by the excellent cloud infrastructure, by the (rare) possibility to dynamically manage the resources of the VPS both in increase and in decrease and for the availability of the managed option that makes the VPS accessible also to those who do not have adequate technical knowledge for managing a server.

For more information:

Keliweb Srl 
Tel .: 800.974099 
Offer details:


The choice to switch to dedicated solutions is a necessary step in the growth path of every successful website and / or that aspires to the development of its popularity and business. Opting for virtualization solutions guarantees access to powerful tools at low cost, with the only burden of being able to manage a system independently.

As we have seen, however, thanks to management panels such as cPanel or Plesk and / or managed solutions, access to VPS becomes a viable solution even for professionals and small businesses without a technical staff with the appropriate skills of computer systems management: in this case, obviously, the costs of the VPS rise, but there will be the advantage of not having to incur in technical charges and the associated risks of making mistakes or carelessness that could prove fatal for our online business.

If your classic hosting starts to be close to you, then, don’t be afraid to switch to a virtual server: it could be the right choice to allow your site to make the definitive leap in quality.

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