WebKit: malicious advertising with eGobbler

WebKit: malicious advertising with eGobbler

eGobbler is the name of a group operating in DarkWeb that could have exploited a flaw in the rendering engine WebKit to make visible over a billion malicious ads during the last two months. WebKit is the engine of several browsers for Internet browsing starting from Safari which is the reference application for the Cupertino devices.

The exploit used for the attack has already been recorded in a special security bulletin (CVE-2019-8771), Apple instead it would have been informed of the vulnerability by a private alert and the most recent updates of its software (iOS 13 and Safari 13.0.1.) already contain the corrections useful for the definitive correction of the bug.

An attack based on this issue could be carried out by exploiting a criticality linked to JavaScript with the aim of bypassing the protections of operating systems, once the current platform is violated advertising would be shown through redirects to Web pages specially packaged by attackers or through pop windows -up.

Italy would seem to be the country most affected by the last eGobbler malicious action that would be involving in particular the area of ​​the Old Continent, followed by Spain, Belgium and France. The same crew remembers an exploit to the detriment of Chrome's iOS release which was resolved following the release of version 75.

Well known in Cybersecurity circles, the group owes its name to one of the turkeys that were not cooked for popular will on the occasion of the 2012 Thanksgiving Festival. eGobbler was saved by receiving the grace of the President of the United States following the result of a referendum that was held throughout the nation.

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