WebRating: the AGCM report card for companies

WebRating: the AGCM report card for companies

AGCM (Competition Authority and Market Authority) has developed an online platform dedicated to companies for filling in and sending applications and communications on the subject of Legality rating. The new system, which is based on filling in online forms, is accessible directly from the "Agcm.it" institutional website.

The platform is focused on the concept of WebRating, a tool that allows companies to communicate in a simpler and faster way to AGCM all the essential data to obtain an assessment (the "Rating") and any corporate changes. The first advantage is certainly that of being able to send the forms via the Internet.

The WebRating assigned to the companies will have a duration of 2 years and the companies will be able to present a renewal application, the Authority will take care of drawing up a constantly updated list of the economic activities whose legality Rating has been assigned, suspended, revoked or canceled indicating also the starting date of each provision.

As for the calculation of the WebRating, this evaluation will be expressed in "stars" and each "+" obtained following the attainment of certifications will allow to earn an additional star up to a maximum score of 3 stars. It is possible to obtain a "+" sign even after having reported a crime to the competent authorities, family members and collaborators to the competent authorities.

According to AGCM's statements, being able to boast a high WebRating will not only translate into a benefit in terms of reputation, there are indeed advantages in theaccess to finance both by public bodies and banking institutions. More information about the initiative can be found in the FAQ section dedicated to the question of assigning the legality rating.

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