Will the government tax SIM cards for business?

Will the government tax SIM cards for business?

Among the various measures proposed during the negotiations for the drafting of the next one Financial maneuver there would also have been that of taxing the SIM Card telephone calls for professional users, needless to say that even remaining at the level of mere indiscretion, news of this kind has succeeded in sparking controversy on the part of companies and VAT numbers already abundantly oppressed.

According to the rumors currently circulating, the representatives of the 5 Star Movement would have attributed the responsibility of the initiative to the colleagues of the Democratic Party. For their part, the members of the latter would have disregarded the authorship of the initiative, pointing out that the proposal would have already been aborted and will never see the light.

The reconstructions speak of a hypothesis put forward by the current Minister of Finance, Roberto Gualtieri, who would discuss it during a meeting with the Prime Minister Giusepe Conte and in the presence of Laura Castelli, Deputy Minister of Economy, and Riccardo Fraccaro, Undersecretary of State at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers.

Such background, including the summit with Conte, would have been denied by MEF spokesmen who would have called the proposal "inadmissible". The suspicion is that a failed attempt was made to test the ground in order to understand what the reaction could have been from the subjects directly concerned.

A fee charged to such a specific sector could cause a further slowdown for the phase of Digital Transformation that the country is trying to cross not without some difficulty. Add to this a 2.2% drop in revenues from the telecommunications sector compared to last year, which is precisely at the dawn of the revolution 5G it would not be stimulating providers to invest.

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