Windows 7: extended support for businesses

Windows 7: extended support for businesses

Windows 7 it is currently installed on millions of terminals despite the fact that Windows 10 was released in 2015 and for a year after its launch it could be installed for free. Several companies have hardware and software specifically implemented for Seven and the transition to a newer version of the operating system may require an important investment in terms of time and money.

The end of the so-called program COME ON (Extended Security Updates) was set by Microsoft for January 14 of next year, a deadline too close because it is realistic to think that companies that still use Windows 7 can update their stations en masse and migrate definitively to Windows 10 in good time.

Clearly informed about the current situation in the professional field, the House of Redmond has therefore decided to extend the duration of the ESU, for which reason it will be possible to receive security updates and support for the platform even after the date previously set. For an eventual upgrade you should have time until 2023.

Another good news concerns the fact that the extension of the program also involves those who did not purchase the Professional or Enterprise licenses, a constraint that had previously been provided for access to the ESU. However, you will need to have a subscription to the formula Microsoft 365 Business, detail that confirms how the initiative is dedicated to companies.

For the time being, details regarding the cost of the extended support would not be available, so far the program provides for an expense of 50 dollars for the first year for each terminal equipped with Windows 7 in the Professional or Enterprise variants, after the first 12 months the costs increase by virtue of the fact that one must operate on older configurations.

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