Yahoo Groups towards closure

Yahoo Groups towards closure

Yahoo Groups, a project launched in 2001 with the aim of bringing together users and offering them a space for discussion and comparison around common interests, it will close (even if only in part) by 2019. This will mean that one of the platforms that made the history of the Internet, in its own way a social network created when realities like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram still had to be born.

Actually Yahoo Groups has been conceived more as a "forum", another word that reminds the Net of the times gone by, that like a social network. With the emergence of new forms of online sharing, the number of its users has fallen dramatically, especially over the last few years, but there is still a user base still loyal to the service.

The latter, however, would not be sufficient to guarantee the continuation of the Yahoo Groups adventure, which is why its managers have decided to define a first date, October 28th, from which the subscribers will no longer be able to publish content at inside the platform. However, the most important intervention will be carried out on December 14th.

By that date, in fact, all content posted by users will be removed, if interested in not losing it, the latter will have to proceed to a rescue as soon as possible. For this purpose, a special option is available that can be accessed via the Privacy Dashboard of Yahoo !, needless to hope for some extensions because the process that will lead to the cancellation of the contents is now in progress.

As anticipated, Yahoo Groups will not close completely, in fact the ax will be lowered only on public groups, instead private groups will continue to exist. This means that anyone wishing to join a new group will necessarily have to obtain the approval or invitation of an administrator. Finally, there will be no possibility to publish attachments or other content such as images or documents.

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