YouTube fined $ 170 million

YouTube fined $ 170 million

The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) would have imposed a penalty of $ 170 million to the detriment of YouTube, according to the US agency the most popular online streaming platform (owned by Google) would be guilty of violating the privacy of minors. For this offense, the US legislation provides for fines of up to 200 million dollars.

Specifically, YouTube would have acted in violation of Children's Online Privacy Protection Act, a federal law that regulates the methods of collection and processing of personal data of children under 13 years of age. No company had ever been forced to pay so much following a COPPA related proceeding.

The sanction against YouTube would come close to the one that the FTC itself imposed Facebook for the Cambridge Analytica case, the fate of Menlo Park would have been much more bitter, however, since the fine would amount to as much as 5 billion dollars, a figure determined following a negotiation lasting several months.

A shortfall of 170 million dollars will certainly not reduce on the pavement a platform that records billions of dollars on a quarterly basis, but the FTC would have wanted to launch yet another signal with which to confirm that vigilance to protect privacy he is always at work and no company, however great, can violate the law without paying the consequences.

In response to the agency's decision, YouTube spokesmen would have decided to avoid the collision by ensuring that in the near future the collection of data concerning the children protected by COPPA will be limited to the information that allows the service to function. Previously the highest fine for the same violations was 5.7 million dollars, charged to TikTok.

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